Monday, January 21, 2008

I've been tagged

Thank you Shari at for tagging me.

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1.) I was severly picked on as a kid, so I don't trust people very easily, especially females. BUT the women from NW have shown me there is some good people. 2 of the girls that would pick on me have apologized in the last year.

2.) I collect rose and pig figurines or anything to do with either. I would own a pig but farm animals are illegal in the city.

3.) I hate living in a city even one as small as this one. I would prefer some land in the mountains.

4.) I am obsessive compulsive about brushing my teeth. I have a toothbrush in my car, at my job and several in the house. I have actually been told to stop brushing so much.

5.) I generally sleep only 3 or 4 hours a night. The rest of the night I lay there worrying or thinking too much.

6.) I have ocd when it comes to folding and hanging clothes. Chris always does them the wrong way to get me pissed off. He thinks it is funny.

So I don't know many bloggers and two of the people I know have already been tagged so I tag

On the ttc front, this one was a bust. AF showed her ugly face.


RainbowMomma said...

I hate AF!

DP does not sleep either. She does the same thing as you. She stays up and worries. She takes lots of meds for it, but she still does it. The few hours she does get is because of meds, too. (Thank goddess for Ambien CR!) (Along with the other stuff.)

I used to have OCD much worse as a kid than now. I used to count stuff and could never eat 1 of ANYthing. I had to eat 3 or 5 or multiples of 3 & 5. Strange? Yes. LOL! I still elan towards it, but am much much much better.

twondra said...

I'm sorry you don't get too much sleep....I have some nights like that and it's horrible. :(

So sorry about AF...I hope you're doing better today.