Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have it

I now enough money for IVF!!!!!! I don't have anything else to add at the moment!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Mentally that is, well physically too. Without putting all of my sister's business out there, she is having a very rough time. She has four kids, whose father is not the best, one of them gives her an extremely hard time. Not to mention that she is not the most mentally stable person because of some of her past "things". Anyway she lost it this weekend and I have been extremely worried about what she would do. I took all the kids saturday to give her a break. I don't mind taking the kids but the oldest really does to try to push buttons.

So trying to find a job for me in PA is really important. I only have my parents and sister and her lot. Everyone is moving with me or a little later, so we have all of our families together. I worry about Chris's grandparents and feel horrible that we can't help them out like I do my family. Hopefully things will start working out soon.

I want so much to do foster parenting but in this house we just don't have the room. So when we move to PA we will. Maybe then I will feel better about myself. I just don't feel like I am doing all that I could be to be helping my community.

On another note, Tammy and Michelle fingers crossed for you both.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let me just say....


I am just feeling extremely frustrated right now. I am ovulating and nothing to do about it. I don't have my w2 to do my taxes yet. I am stuck, stuck, stuck. I still can't find a job in PA near Chris's grandparents so we can move there.

Oh but I have an appt next month on the 11th to talk to the fertility dr about maybe donating eggs so I can get some money off of ivf.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I know I don't post often but two in one day??? I just stepped over to check on Tammy and well her blog kinda goes with my dream.

On sadder note my heart goes out to those in Haiti. There are alot of orphans there and looks like there will be more. I wish I could do more myself.


I had a really weird dream last night. It had to blogger infertility buddies in it. Now I have never met these two wonderful ladies in person so that is why it seems so weird. We were at a young lady's house that I have no idea who it was but there was a few babies there. We were discussing with Tammy about ivf and with Michelle about adoption and which way I should go this year. I seemed so real. So with that I hope they are both doing well with their paths they are traveling on.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I am really a b.itch

Or I can be anyway. I was going through some old things looking for pictures. I found letters from when I was in basic training for the army. I had joined for a stable job and income for my family and I was going to leave Chris. Anyways he kept his letters and I had kept mine. I was always getting onto to him about changing things. Guess what? Its the same things that we argue about now. HHMMM maybe things will be different this year. ROTFL really?