Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sooooo many thoughts.....

There are so many thoughts that go through my mind. One thing is I should never watch tv!! Chris and I were married by justice of the peace. And i definately regret not having a wedding. I really feel that I have missed out on alot, plus my dad never got to walk me down the aisle. So of course you can tell I have watched movies with weddings. So I am still feeling sorry for myself. Wrong I know.

I am still trying for figure out ways to afford the ivf. Winning the lottery has not worked yet, haha. I stash any leftover money after paying bills into a savings account away from Chris. It will take a year to do it this way. I feel like I am running out of time. So what to do? I feel so alone so often. I know there are plenty of infertile couples, with alot more problems than me. It's just that no one around me has this problem or had a problem getting pregnant. I just don't what to do where to go.

I do all the projects around the house to try to keep my mind occupied. It has been raining the last three days so there hasn't been anything for me to do, except watch tv. It's so so bad. Well I am done complaining.

Tammy I hope you are doing well and Mark too.

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twondra said...

Thanks for the shout out sweetie.

I'm so sorry you didn't get a wedding. I'd feel the same way as you sweetie.

Saving for IVF is tough. :( I know that. I wish I could give you some great advice but I can't. We were lucky that we had some coverage so some was covered.

Thinking of you sweetie. (((HUGS)))