Friday, December 31, 2010

This past year in ramblings.

I am going to try to sum up this past year. Or perhaps not. I have not enjoyed this year as much as I had hoped. I know that sounds horrible. I love my baby girl but there has been so much that has gone wrong. Of course there was Chris being layed off twice. That has been hitting us hard all year, its hard to pick back up from that. It would have been easier if we hadn't moved as we used our savings that we had left for that. I feel horrible that we haven't been able to do more for Ray this year. He is such a great kid. He keeps saying he wants to get a job so he can help but I just want he to be a kid. And talking of kids, I miss my sister's brood. I miss them an extreme lot. I haven't been away from my dad but 3 Christmas's ( this was the third) and my nieces and nephews never. So it has been an extremely hard holiday for me. I haven't been there to help my dad through it either which upsets me too. Not to mention not having my mother anymore. I am sometimes angry at her and other times just sad. It's a little hard to explain which I am not going to do right now.

But enough, everyone have a happy new year.

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