Sunday, December 5, 2010

One of the furbabies

I had a friend suggest a service dog for a family member for his diabetes and thought I would share some things about my furbaby Puddin. Yes we named the dog Puddin, at the time we weren't suppose to keep her as we would find homes for stray dogs that turned up at our house. We lived near the interstate and for the most part it didn't look any homes were near the exit but we were quite close just hidden by trees. We ended up with Puddin and her sister as puppies, as well as other dogs at the time. I had to call the pups something when I would call all the dogs back to the house. As we were living in the south I had a habit at that time of calling everyone puddin or hun. Well we found a home for Puddin's sister but not her. Our rotweiller was sick and had taken to Puddin as her own so we gave our rotty a dog of her. I know it sounds funny but was glad we had another dog in the house when Casey did pass, it made it a little easier on Raylen.

Anyways on to why I thought to share about her in first place. You see I think she would have made an excellent service dog. She is very sensitive to me and how I feel. If anyone raises there voice in any manner other than calling someone to the room she is right at my side. If I am upset she is trying to crawl into my lap. The last few weeks she doesn't leave my for much, lays on my feet or is at my feet at night. We even have trouble watching sports because as anyone who gets involved into watching sports understands at some point yelling at the tv always happens. Well she doesn't like it. She is very loving and jealous dog. If I try to love on the other dog or cat she is pushing her way in. Now I wonder how she will handle having a baby in house. I have treated the animals like kids for some time now so it may be hard for all of them. But I will love them just the same, they just won't be able to be in lap as often.


twondra said...

Awww, so precious! And sounds like a PERFECT service dog! They can actually train your own dog, too, if you want so that would be pretty cool, too. :)

LissyLin said...

Where are the pics of the new baby? We can't wait to see!!!