Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just a little note

Raylen and I got into a conversation the other day that after reading a friend's blog I thought I would share. Raylen is my son from a previous relationship, so my husband is his stepdad. Here is the thing, he has never called Chris by anything other than dad or daddy. He used to called his "real" dad his biological father for quite some time, now he calls him pop. He really doesn't think of him as his dad. We got into the conversation about custody issues because of something my sister is going through with her kids. The question came up if anything happened who would he go with. Well I told him I had arranged that he would be able to pick because of his age. He has a choice of Chris, J(his bio dad), my parents or my sister. He said he would really like it put down that he stays with Chris. He wants it put down so no one argues about and that is what he wants. It made me very happy, because I know Chris would continue to raise him the way I want. The issue in my friend's blog was with adoptive parents and refering to the "real parent" when in fact the adoptive parent is the real parent. Chris and Raylen have never acted any differently and don't care what others think or comment about. They ARE family and I know the friend is too with her kids more than anyone I know. I hope she doesn't let her bother her for long. I know people are insensitive to adoptions of any kind but people are insensitive to a lot of things like religion etc. It is just a one perspective.


twondra said...

That is so wonderful and such a good feeling that he loves Chris so much. (((HUGS)))

zipxx said...
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