Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally updating here.

I know I have kept to myself lately but it has been how I was dealing with a lot of things. First of we transfer one 8b+ and one 8b+*. The * means it was already heading for the next stage when they were getting ready to do the transfer. The embryoligist was so nice. Actually the whole clinic was nice. I will have to do something for all of them.

Well the other things going on. My mom is overweight which is becoming an understatment. She has broke her back after a fall this weekend. It looks like she will be in a hospice for 6 weeks, don't know for sure until today. I know we can't take care of her as it is. It would be the best thing for her and my dad. It sounds bad but it is.

My nephew was throwing knives and his younger brother. We put him in a mental hospital but they discharged him saying it wasn't a mental issue but a behavorial issue. Um hello??? The mental issues are causing the behaviors.

I got a job offer in PA where I want to move. But now I feel guilty because of the family issues, but they have ruled my life, its now time for me and my son! Raylen really wants to live there espcially since my step kids were moved there last year and we miss them. Am I being selfish? The job would be less hours than I do now which if I am pregnant I need. Plus I need time with Raylen he isn't getting any younger and I feel I have missed alot with him.

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twondra said...

Wow! So much going on. I'm so sorry about all the family issues. Keep us posted for sure!

Yay about the embies. :) I'm so happy for you!!!