Thursday, April 2, 2009


I went for a consultation for ivf today and boy am I overwhelmed. Now how am I suppose to come up with that kind of money? I have a friend who has been through with not so good results. So is it worth trying?


twondra said...

That's good news!! I can tell you the money thing is scary. :( We're still paying for it from when we did it last year and the hardest thing is paying for it when it doesn't work.

But, honestly, I'm sooooo glad we did it. And like I've said before, I would do it in a heartbeat again if the chances were better.

Search your heart. If this is something that you've always wanted to do and if you don't do it and might regret it later, that's definitely something to consider.

The thing is with IUIs, your chances are 15% per cycle and with IVF there's a 60%...a HUGE difference.

But, it's a risk, sweetie. A big risk and something you need to be comfortable with.

If you have ANY questions at all, please e-mail me anytime. (((HUGS))) said...

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